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16 sites to get you those elusive early adopters

Did you just build a product but don't know where to get beta users for testing? or you simply want some feedback from early adopters? This list will definitely help you...

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Let me guess... You've just completed building an amazing product and you are roaring to get your product into the hands of thousands of users.

But, first you want to do some real world testing by getting your product in the hands of some early adopters who can give you feedback. You're thinking right, after all, you don't want your launch or marketing efforts to blow up because you did not test your product enough.

Anyways, you then waded through your personal and social networks to find some users. This probably fetched you some folks who agreed to use your product, however you are not really happy with numbers. I wouldn't be either.

After exhausting all your connects, you are now looking for ways to get more early users and feedback.

If yes, then you are at the right place.

Listed below are 16 websites where you can promote your product and expect to acquire some early adopters to evolve your product into a successful business. Many sites offer paid plans with additional benefits but most sites allow you to list for free. Check them out...

Product Hunt Ship
Monthly plans ranging from $0 to $249
Ship by Product Hunt helps makers get their early users by helping them share their idea with the Product Hunt community. It helps makers generate demand for their product, build an email list and has features to help makers communicate with their audience till the time they ship their product.

Beta List
Free listing or $129 / $299 paid once
BetaList claims to be the place for early adopters to discover upcoming and recently launched internet startups, and for startup founders to share their startup with the world and get early user feedback. You can either list your product for free and go through the general waitlist or make a payment to expedite the process and skip the waitlist.

Beta Page
Free listing
Betapage says they are a community of tech lovers and early adopters. The platform is free and open for startup stakeholders like founders, investors, incubators, mentors, indie hackers, and freelancers. Anyone can create a profile and list their startup/product/service/project to showcase it to the other community members.

Free listing or paid bids
Lucr wants to help startups attract early adopters by giving rewards for product usage. Startups can freely launch their products on Lucr however they can promote their products on the main page through bidding. Startups placing higher bids will get their products placed in better positions.

Launching Next
Free listing or $49 one time
Launching Next showcases new, trending startups every day. Startups submission to Launching Next is free for publishing it in the general queue. For expediting the startup publishing to 1-business day, a $49 upgrade is available.

Beta Family
Monthly plans from $0 to $399
The Beta Family is a beta testing service for iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android applications where developers get to beta test their apps on real people, and users get the chance to try cool apps before they're in the App Store or Android Market.

Beta Bound
Free submission
Betabound collects and organizes a wide variety of beta testing opportunities from all over the world and present them in a structured and consistent format. Startups can submit their products for free on Beta Bound and can acquire beta users.

Free service
Betafy wants to help startups maximize their beta by connecting them with beta users and software testers. The platform matches beta users and testers based on the startup's profile and returns a list of users whom the startups can invite to their beta. Betafy is currently free for everyone.

Get Worm
Free to get started
Get worm provides a platform to discover new startups and get exclusive early bird offers for joining them. Startups can list their products along with an exclusive incentive for people who sign-up through Get Worm. The platform is currently free for startups till they acquire their first 100 early adopters. Post that, the startup needs to upgrade to paid plans of Get Worm for acquiring more early adopters.

Startup Base
Free listing or paid feature
StartupBase is building a community of makers and early adopters to share & discuss the latest products and ideas. The platform features new startups every day and helps makers acquire users to get feedback for their product. Startups can feature their startup for free in Startup Base however they need to upgrade to paid plans for displaying in the featured section of the home page, dedicated startups page or the newsletter.

Erli Bird
One time payments ranging from $735 to $5000
ErliBird provides a platform to beta test and collect on-demand user feedback for Android, iOS, websites, desktop apps, and tech products. ErliBird claims to give makers the power to beta test with real people in real environments powered by a global community of 100,000 real-world testers.

Beta Testers
Free platform
Betatesters provides a platform for connecting mobile app developers and beta testers. The developers get to test their apps while beta testers get to have access to new apps. The testers can see all pre-released apps along with the app description, testing requirements, instructions, and incentives for their beta tests. The testers can choose and apply for the apps they want to beta test.

Beta Testa
Free platform
Beta Testa provides a platform to pair products with early adopters. Startups get access to a database of beta testers along with their interests, skills and demographics, from which they can choose and connect to the relevant users.

Start uplift
One time payment plans from $69 to $189
StartUpLift provides platform for startups to get exposure and receive feedback. It is a paid platform where the users matching the target customer requirements of the startup sign-up for beta and test the product.

Startup Buffer
Free listing
Startup Buffer is a platform for startups to get more exposure. Once startups complete submission of information to Startup Buffer, they help them discover growth hacking techniques for testing idea and gaining traction.

Beta Testers Hub
Free listing
Beta Testers Hub is a network of early adopters where startups can apply with an offer for their beta product or MVP for acquiring the first batch of beta customers to their product.

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