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Double Opt-in

Clean email lists filled with email addresses of subscribers who have opted in to receive your emails will often ensure a higher ROI. Getting your website visitors to not only fill in their email address in your forms but to also confirm that they indeed own the email is a way to ensure this.

The process of getting the user to confirm the email address they have provided to you before they are subscribed to any mailing lists is known as confirmed opt-in or double opt-in. The confirmation mostly happens by asking the user to either reply or click the link mailed to the provided email address.

Double Opt-in is a very robust way of accepting email subscribers and ensures that the email is being provided by the rightful owner. This also avoids accumulation of fake/non-existent email addresses, emails with invalid TLDs or incorrect syntax thereby keeping the mailing list pristine. Double Opt-in is not completely effective against disposable email addresses as the user can still confirm the email from the temporary mailbox in the given time frame.

Some fraction of your users may leave your opt-in process without completing the confirmation process thereby resulting in loss of a potential subscriber. This however is an acceptable compromise owing to the advantages offered which includes maintaining good sender reputation and having a list with higher engagement rates. Accepting email subscription through double opt-in and performing a reconfirm opt-in at regular time intervals is a fool proof way of maintaining clean email lists that stands tall even when challenged legally.

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