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Email List Cleaning

A major challenge in managing email lists that give you good ROI, is ensuring that the list is clean and free from errors.

Email lists tend to get corrupted for a number of reasons. Subscribers can opt-in using a disposable address to get any of your free content without giving up their email. Some visitors could also simply make a typo while entering their email address or submit the form multiple times.

Email list cleaning refers to the process of weeding out duplicates, disposable emails, emails with bad syntax or emails with invalid TLDs from the mailing list before adding an email address to the list or before sending out email campaigns.

Timely cleaning of email lists is very critical to maintain sender reputation especially when the users are being added through single opt-in mechanism. Besides saving money, time and effort, cleaning your email lists also helps in avoiding the wrath of spam filters and domains getting blacklisted.

PS: You can use the free Email List Cleaner tool by MailSwift to get rid of duplicates, find and filter bad emails from your mailing lists. It's super slick, works in your browser and GDPR/Privacy laws compliant by design. Check it out today!

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