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Email List Deduplication

A common problem in building and maintaining a mailing list is the presence of duplicate email addresses. Duplication of email addresses mainly happen when different lists are merged or when a user simply subscribes to the mailing list multiple times and there is no duplicate check in place.

Email list deduplication refers to the process of handling duplicate email addresses during list building or before sending email campaigns to an email list.

If duplicates in email lists are not handled properly when sending campaigns, it may result in embarrassing errors which could cause harm to the reputation of the brand. Not to mention the unnecessary bloat leading to increased email sending costs due to more number of emails being sent.

Sending multiple emails with the same subject line to the same sender may also result in emails being threaded in many popular clients. This not only creates a bad user experience but may also lead to an increase in unsubscribe requests or spam complaints. There is also a good chance of catching the attention of spam filters, leading to subsequent emails being classified as spam.

PS: You can use the free Email List Cleaner tool by MailSwift to get rid of duplicates from your mailing lists. It's super slick, works in your browser and GDPR/Privacy laws compliant by design. Check it out today!

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