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Email List Management

Email lists are primarily maintained by content creators and value providers to keep their users engaged. Building email lists is also an effective way of building a dedicated set of interested listeners who can heed to your marketing messages periodically.

Email List management refers to the process of collection and periodic updation of email addresses by segmenting them into groups based on interest or purpose.

The 3 core processes associated with email list management are...

  1. Adding an email to the list when a user gives consent to receive emails by providing their email address.
  2. Updating an email when a user requests for updating their email address or other information maintained in the list.
  3. Removing an email from the list when the user unsubscribes or withdraws their consent to receive future emails.

Building and maintaining email lists is a very effective method of building an audience for your brand or product offering. However, it is always important to keep in mind the best practices and never end up including email addresses bought from elsewhere in your mailing lists.

Effective email list management practices also includes periodic cleaning of email lists to ensure that no bad emails have found their way into your lists. You can use the free Email List Cleaner tool by MailSwift to get rid of duplicates, find and filter bad emails from your mailing lists. It's super slick, works in your browser and GDPR/Privacy laws compliant by design. Check it out today!

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