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Email Opt-in

It's 2018 and almost 40 years has passed since the first email was sent. Despite this, email has still remained one of the top choices of marketers worldwide. However, with evolving customer preferences the rules of engagement has definitely changed significantly. Today one of the first steps in the list building process is getting the subscriber to opt-in.

Email Opt-in or Subscriber Opt-in refers to the series of steps taken by a user like entering their email address, agreeing to terms etc. for joining your mailing list and giving you permission to send them emails. These mailing lists could be about sending newsletters, promotional mailers, reading materials, courses, updates, books etc.

You could require a successful opt-in before your website users can unlock a free download or some useful information. A user who has successfully completed such a subscription process becomes a subscriber to a mailing list.

There are times when the opt-in might not be happening in the desired manner. Listed below are a couple of scenarios where this might happen...

  • The user might provide a disposable / temporary / incorrect email address. This behavior is particularly high when you are requiring email opt-in before they can unlock a free resource or useful information. Users may retort to this behavior when they feel that the value provided doesn't deserve giving up their email address. One way to take care of such incidences is to use Double Opt-in process to confirm the subscription before they can unlock the content.
  • A bot might subscribe to the mailing list with a fake / incorrect / unusable email address. This behavior is particularly observed, if you promote your sites in low quality directories. The scale of unusable emails in this scenario maybe relatively high, and usage of such compromised mailing lists may result in a big dent to your sender reputation. Keeping Captcha as part of Email Opt-in form is one way to tackle this issue.

Apart from providing high value content, if you couple a neatly designed website with thoughtfully written copy, your list building efforts will lead to more email opt-ins ensuring your visitors are on their way to becoming your customers.

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