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Email lists are generally built as a way to get relevant audience into the sales/marketing funnel of a company. However, there are other ways to monetize a well maintained email list with highly engaged subscribers.

Sponsorship is one such popular way to monetize an email list. Companies pay the list owner to sponsor one or more editions of the emails sent to an email list in return for spreading the word about the company's product, service or events among the subscribers.

List owners typically charge the companies a fixed fee for the sponsorship based on a combination of factors like number of subscribers, open rate, number of editions sponsored etc. In rare cases, list owners may also charge based on the leads generated for the company. A general rule of thumb is the higher the number of subscribers the higher the price for sponsorships.

Awareness about the sponsor's product, service or events may be spread among the subscribers by putting an advertisement in between the actual content of the email. By placing a logo and a link of the sponsor in the credits or thank you section. Sometimes, list owners may even send dedicated emails talking purely about the sponsor.

Are you planning to get sponsors for your newsletters, here are some recommendations...


  1. Do let your subscribers know about any sponsored content in your emails.
  2. Do be cautious of the products/services/events you promote as your subscribers may take it as a recommendation from you.
  3. Do keep the sponsored content relevant.


  1. Don't sell or share your subscriber's information.
  2. Don't run dedicated promotional mailers if you have not taken prior permission from your subscribers.
  3. Don't stuff your email with sponsored content.

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