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Opt-in Reconfirmation

Keeping email lists clean is critical for getting the best ROI from your list building efforts. Despite taking many measures like weeding out duplicates, filtering high risk domains etc. resorting to actively cleaning your mailing lists once in a while helps reduce costs as well as boost sender reputation.

Opt-in reconfirmation is one such process which involves asking subscribers of a mailing list to confirm if they want to continue receiving mails from you, the sender. This could simply be an email sent to subscribers with an expectation of a reply or a link click.

If you are seeing low engagement rates or high complaint rates despite following list building best practices, there is a good chance that your subscribers might have forgotten opting in to receive mails from you or may no longer be interested in engaging with whatever content you are sending.

If you are facing any of the above issues, you've not engaged your subscribers for a long time or are planning to reuse the lists which you've built in the past, it is a good idea to run a reconfirmation campaign against your list. This will not only help you clean your lists and extract better ROI, but also show that you are sensitive towards respecting the privacy of your subscribers.

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