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Getting your website visitors to opt-in to receive emails from you is the first step in your list building process. As a good practice, you should only send your emails to your customers or subscribers who have given you permission to send them emails.

If the email address provided by the user is accepted without any further steps to confirm the identity of the user, then the process of email opt-in is generally known as single opt-in. Single opt-in helps in growing email lists faster as it is a low friction process which means lesser effort required by your subscribers.

However there are some risks associated with single opt-in. Users might subscribe with a temporary, disposable or an incorrect email address with typos. Users may resort to providing fake/non-existent email address. Sometimes, users with malicious intent may provide email address which they don't own, leading to spam complaint or legal action from the actual email owner. Lastly, single opt-in forms which accept email addresses without verification is vulnerable to attack by bots which may corrupt your lists by submitting a large number of spammy email addresses in an automated fashion.

Whenever single opt-in is used for collecting email addresses, timely email list cleaning is highly recommended to weed out disposable emails and emails with invalid TLDs or incorrect syntax. Adding a layer of email validation will further curb the fake/non-existent email addresses thereby helping the senders maintain pristine email lists.

PS: You can use the free Email List Cleaner tool by MailSwift to get rid of duplicates, find and filter bad emails from your mailing lists. It's super slick, works in your browser and GDPR/Privacy laws compliant by design. Check it out today!

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